Amazon Category Requirements:
Each Sellers must meet the minimum Amazon Seller Performance metrics as stated below, otherwise they will be  rejected immediately.
Seller must be registered for the Amazon Professional Seller Plan.
Seller must have a pre-fulfill cancel rate less than 2.5%.
Seller must have a order defect rate less than 1%.
Seller must have a late shipment rate less than 4%.
Our category approval services come with an approval guarantee even if it takes a few attempts for approval. We currently have a 100% success rate to date and will continue to work with each client until our obligation is fulfilled. If for some reason you are not approved we will initiate a full refund as long as our consulting service instructions during the process are followed.
Below are circumstances in which we will not refund once payment for our ungating services is verified:
  • We will not refund if your Amazon account's health or metrics are the reason of your denial and/or the ability to submit an application. Please review your metric prior to paying for our service as we have zero control over your Amazon sellers account status. (Added: 05/23/2016)
  • We will not refund for paid services if the client "suddenly discovers" after purchasing our service (or obtain documentation from us) that you are already approved/ungated for the category you requested assistance. (Added: 09/01/2016)
  • We will not refund for paid services if the client has a sudden case of "buyers remorse" after purchasing our service. (Added: 09/09/2016)
  • We will not refund or ungate another category in place of a category ungating purchased. Please verify the exact service you need prior to purchasing our services. (Added: 09/12/2016)
  • If we have provided assistance to you (or your company) and have not heard from you in weeks, or even more than a month, we will then consider your ungating a "success". As a company we work with all clients on a "one-on-one basis" from start to finish. Replying to us weeks later stating there was issues with your application will not be tolerated. We expect reasonable reply times from our clients as you would from us regarding our service. At such times, no refunds will be granted due to communication negligence on the client's behalf. We can't continue to assist client's without proper communication from both parties. (Added: 10/01/2016)
  • If you made a purchase for one of our "category ungating bundles" (2 or more categories) please know that we will only refund for those categories not ungated. (Added: 12/05/2016)


  • You made a purchase for our "Beauty Products and Grocery & Gourmet Foods" category bundle. We successfully ungated the Beauty Products, but you decided not to pursue the Grocery & Gourmet Foods category for whatever reason. At that time we would initiate a "partial refund" for the one category where our services were never rendered.
  • We will not refund or ungate a category ungating service purchased for one marketplace in place of another. In other words, if you purchase our Clothing and Accessories category ungating service for the US marketplace but decided you needed the UK marketplace Clothing category ungated instead this would not be honored. Also, purchasing an "available" category ungating service for one marketplace to wish later of transferring the purchase of services to a different marketplace that has a "waiting list" will not be honored. We respect everyone in our waiting list the same as we do every other client. These practices will not be accepted. Please verify the exact service and marketplace you need prior to purchasing our services. (Added: 12/31/2016)
  • After receipt of payment from a client we will request specific Amazon seller account information in order to assist you properly. We expect that all information provided be exact and accurate by the client. To add, this information should not change during the application process unless approved by our team. The constant changing of account names, mailing address', countries, or not wishing to follow our ungating procedures will result in no refunds being issued due to neglect. We expect precise information from each client in order to properly assist in the fastest manner possible. (Added: 2/04/2017)
  • AMZ Ungating will not be responsible nor refund the rendering of our services should Amazon changes their "category/directory structure layout" or determine that your recent category approval (we assisted with) has been suddenly revoked. This includes examples such as, but not limited to: account suspension issues, ASIN issues, brand gated issues, neglectful seller account management, or lack of or no sales activity in that certain category once approved. We do not control Amazon nor an Amazon sellers account once approved with our services. (Added: 4/10/2017)
  • AMZ Ungating will not honor refunds should a client state they never received our documentation whereby it was sent to their "confirmed PayPal email" initially. Please ensure your PayPal email is active and will accept email. We ask each client to check spam, junk, or trash folders to ensure our emails do not get accidentally filtered or deleted. (Added: 4/10/2017)
  • As months progress Amazon continues to make their category approval process more strict. As a client (as also stated above) we expect quick communication regarding the submits as well as Amazon's responses to us in a timely manner. We expect that your application be submitted within 24-48 hours per our request to do so. We also expect that all Amazon responses (other than approvals) be forwarded to us within 24 hours so we may instruct your next course of action. Waiting days (or even a week) will not help you in this process whatsoever as things change that quickly. If we encounter a client that isn't pursuing their ungating or displays a form of neglect and/or of procrastination we will quickly discontinue services and no refunds will be issued for these reasons. We simply refuse to battle both Amazon as well as a neglectful client during this process. (Added: 4/10/2017)
  • AMZ Ungating only provides ungating services. Some categories such as Automotive & PowerSports, require a website to be submitted for review before they will approve the seller. With that said, we only provide "Web Site assistance (if required)" at this time. Website assistance is recognized only as reviewing a client's current website (structure/layout) and offering any advice needed to ensure the clients is approved by Amazon. At this time, we do not build/develop websites for clients. Please do not expect this should you purchase our services as it is not included in our service fee. Refund requests for "website reasons" will not be honored! as this is an expense beyond the scope of our services. (Added: 7/30/2017)
  • As of October, 2017 Amazon continues to change their "category/directory structure layout" as well as have unforeseen "glitches" or "auto approvals" in some categories. A lot of these auto approvals are based on multiple factors from account history, sales volume, etc. Not all sellers are equal by any means. To add, the outcome for each seller can't be predicted unless by trial and error in attempting the service purchased. Meaning if a client pays for our service(s) and the approval process is found to be "easier" this does not mean the client is entitled to a refund as we have began a service in which was paid and delivered to the client. Please keep this in mind when purchasing our services. We invite you to try ungating the category or subcategory prior to obtaining our services. (Added: 10/08/2017)
  • With subcategories a client may find one or multiple category approvals needed in order to sell a particular product. Should a product you wish to sell be categorized by multiple subcategories (imposed by Amazon) please understand that this does not mean we will ungate every sub-category required for the same cost of service. An example would be if you purchased Dietary Supplements and realize you may need approval also for Sports Nutrition in order to sell your product(s). In this case we do not give a refund if we have assisted you in obtaining approval for the service purchased. However, we will give you a discounted rate and assist you in the additional category/categories needed. (Added: 10/09/2017)
  • Please be advised that once a payment is made we will send the client our initial welcome email. This email will provide instructions on how to proceed as well as request your account seller information. Without this we CAN NOT begin your service(s). We ask that you not forget to submit your information to us as it will be stated in both our email as well as in the PDF. Failure to submit your information weeks later is no excuse for a refund! We ask that you submit your information to us as soon as humanly possible as this will add you into our client queue so we may begin your service. (Added: 11/16/2017)
  • If you paid AMZ Ungating for a category/subcategory ungating service and were approved please know that there may future restrictions based on the product in which you wish to sell. Some of these may include: ASIN, Brand, hazmat, frustration free packaging, etc. Please know these restrictions are imposed by either the brand label or Amazon. Assistance with these restrictions ARE NOT part of our service or the category approval process offered. These are additional restrictions a seller must pass before they may sell a specific product. If we assisted you with your category approval and you were approved please know that these additional restrictions do not entitle you to a REFUND! Each restriction is a separate process and are NEVER included with our service(s). (Added: 01/18/2018)
  • The past month we have found many clients purchasing our services from "aged" add-to-cart items. Should your purchase for our service(s) be a different amount as appeared on our website we will either; a.) return funds to you where you may have overpaid, b.) request additional funds if required, or c.) will refund you the amount in which you paid. This occurrence has happened a few times where a client may have added a service to their shopping cart and came back months later and paid. Please be mindful of the price in your shopping cart at checkout compared to the price as shown on our website at your time of purchase. (Added: 02/02/2018)
  • Many clients purchasing our service(s) are waiting a long period of time before starting our ungating process. Some more than 6 months in fact! If you purchase a service from us we ask that you not wait an extended period of time and are prepared to begin our service(s) immediately. Otherwise, we ask that you not pay until you are prepared to start the process. Please know that we may have closed out your client case file for no communication, especially if we never heard back from you. When this occurs please know there will be no refunds! (Added: 04/21/2018)
  • Should a client purchase a service from us and it is determined that they do not need our service after the fact our service was provided please know there will be no refunds. As a client we expect YOU to know what category, sub-category or brand YOU are needing assistance with prior to obtaining our service(s). If you are unsure what you need please simply ask us so there is no confusion later during the process. (Added: 05/30/2018)

    Product Restriction(s) Instructions:

    To check your items for restrictions please use the below method:
    1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central account.
    2. Once logged into your Seller Central please select the correct marketplace.
    3. Next, click/hover over the "Inventory" link and select "Add a Product" in the drop down menu.
    4. Locate the search box and perform a UPC, ASIN or Keyword search for the product you wish to sell.
    5. In the search results, click the "Listing limitations apply" link beneath each product result to view the product restriction(s) for that item. Amazon may state multiple restrictions for any specific product.
  • In late May, 2018 we began seeing a very small percentage of our clients having issues with their category and subcategory approvals. While it has happened occasionally the last few years it has become more noticeable today for a seller to receive a reply from Amazon stating something such as "We reviewed your application and determined that you are not eligible to sell XXX products". For some this is the reply some sellers received after an approval for another category/subcategory just days or weeks prior in many cases. When a seller receives this type message from Amazon it normally means Amazon has flagged the sellers account internally based on certain criteria such as: problems verifying documents, seller metrics, account age, monthly/yearly sales volume, buyer feedback, seller feedback, etc. If you receive a response with the wording "you are not eligible to sell" from an Amazon representative please know this means Amazon is restricting you from being approved based on your sellers account and not the documents you are providing. Most sellers overlook this response being made of "not eligible" in the representative's case reply. Based on our testing we advise in these situations to wait a few weeks and resubmit again. Normally 30-60 days will clear this up we have found for the majority of sellers. As a reminder, seller metrics are normally not updated on the backend as often as a seller views them in their account once flagged. Meaning they may show your metrics are fine in your account yet Amazon's backend still has your account in a "at risk" status. Should a client purchase a service from us and receives this type reply from Amazon we will ask that you contact us and hold your submit for a later date. Also, in this case there shall be no refunds as it is beyond our control and this type denial is based on your seller account with Amazon and not our service being rendered in these instances. (Added: 06/18/2018)
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