Amazon Category Requirements:
Each Sellers must meet the minimum Amazon Seller Performance metrics as stated below, otherwise they will be  rejected immediately.
Seller must be registered for the Amazon Professional Seller Plan.
Seller must have a pre-fulfill cancel rate less than 2.5%.
Seller must have a order defect rate less than 1%.
Seller must have a late shipment rate less than 4%.
Will you need access to my Amazon seller account?
We will NEVER request direct access to your Amazon account while assisting you during the category ungating process. We work with you to understand the process of getting approved from start to finish. Our process is unique for each and every client. We are here to guide and assist you through the application process.
Is this an instant download once payment is complete?
No. Once payment is approved by our staff each seller will be emailed (PayPal email only) and the process will begin within 12 hours from receipt of payment. The process will request information from you by form submission along with any pertaining documentation you may have at this time. Please allow extra time if payment is made on weekends as we DO NOT currently work on weekends.
I see that you offer bundles on your website but it is not a bundle I am needing. Do you offer custom service bundles?
We currently offer service bundles by marketplace but of course we can't offer every bundle combination a seller would request. If we do not offer a bundle service you are needing please contact us to request your special bundle needs. We are happy to work with a client at any time based on their category ungating needs.
Do you offer any discounts for your services?
If you are purchasing a single service from us we do not offer discounted rates. Although, if you are a returning client or if you are purchasing multiple services from us we are happy to provide a discounted rate. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Do you offer "Brand Ungating" services?
No, we do not offer brand ungating services at this time. Please be reminded that while we assist with category ungating it is not the same as brand ungating. This is two seperate ungatings.
Do you provide website development assistance?
We do not build or develop websites at this time. Website development is never included in our services and is beyond the scope of our services.
Do you provide Amazon seller account validation/verification documents for new or updated accounts?
We do not provide validation/verification documents for Amazon seller accounts at any time. Please consult with Amazon as to what they specifically need from you and obtain them as requested. Amazon does have the means to validate your documents. We encourage you to never submit falsified documents during their request.
How long does it take to be approved?
Over the last few months normally our approvals have ranged from less than an hour to nearly a month at times once you receive the required documentation from us. When submitting for category approval there is really no exact time frame. You are simply at the mercy of the representative that is reviewing your information. Any additional information or image requests will also slow your process down by a representative.
Does fashion jewelry ungating also include "fine" jewelry?
We only provide ungating assistance to sellers wishing to be approved for the category of Fashion Jewelry. "Fine" Jewelry requires more tedious restrictions, rules and includes having your items individually stamped along with proof of quality documentation. At this time we only offer Fashion Jewelry ungating assistance.
Do you offer ungating for every category?
At this time we are trying to add more and more categories although we only offer approval and ungating services for categories shown on our website. We will never ungate highly regulated categories such as "Wine" and a few others due to legal restrictions, etc.
What happens if Amazon denies my category approval request?
If your case application was denied for category approval (aside from seller metrics or not having a pro seller account) we will continue to assist you with resubmitting your application with necessary changes for approval. If Amazon denies your category approval request please verify that you have an Amazon "Pro" seller subscription which is required to gain access to all gated categories. Also, your account must meet the required Amazon seller metrics outlined on their website. Again, please verify your Pro seller account meets the required health and seller metrics before requesting our services.
Can I share my ungating information with other sellers?
The information we provide is for your exclusive use only. We ask that you please not share them with other sellers as it could possibly cause your own account to have issues based on vendor information, ip address', etc. on how Amazon tracks sellers and applications. Documentation and services rendered are only to be used during your OWN approval process. Additional images may be provided only if needed while applications are not.
What if I'm not approved? Refunds?
We invite you to read our refund policy prior to purchasing our services.
Why should I sell in categories that require category approval?
It's simple! The more categories you have the ability to sell in, the more opportunities you will have for faster business growth with less competition.
Can I do the category approval process myself?
Yes, you may! Although, If you are like so many you have found the difficulty in being approved. You will soon be frustrated and confused after being denied over and over again. The category process for many categories is time consuming. You will be asked over and over for corrections if you fail to give the representatives exactly what they request. Most would rather use their time sourcing products to sell on Amazon rather than trying to get ungated. What is your time worth?
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