Amazon Category Requirements:
Each Sellers must meet the minimum Amazon Seller Performance metrics as stated below, otherwise they will be  rejected immediately.
Seller must be registered for the Amazon Professional Seller Plan.
Seller must have a pre-fulfill cancel rate less than 2.5%.
Seller must have a order defect rate less than 1%.
Seller must have a late shipment rate less than 4%.
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Each seller wishing to obtain AMZ Ungating services must meet the required health and seller metrics set by Amazon prior to requesting our services. Should your account not meet their performance requirements you will not be able to apply or will be denied at such time. Our goal is to maintain complete compliance with Amazon’s standards and policies and will report any sellers who demonstrate unethical business practices or make requests for special services that violate any Federal or local laws.
AMZ Ungating does not guarantee successful selling in any of the restricted categories and only assists sellers with the category approval (ungating) process. 
AMZ Ungating can not guarantee that a "restricted category" will remain approved after our category approval services are complete. These conditions depend on your own selling performance and Amazon's strict seller policies, terms, requirements and guidelines. 
All sellers using AMZ Ungating services are required to understand the seller policies, guidelines, and requirements for selling in restricted categories set forth by Amazon.
Sellers requesting category approval assistance for "Sexual Wellness" understand that Amazon requires sellers to have an active Amazon account for a minimum of ninety (90) days and must have achieved a minimum of fifty (50) sales to the date of the category approval request.
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