Amazon Category Requirements:
Each Sellers must meet the minimum Amazon Seller Performance metrics as stated below, otherwise they will be  rejected immediately.
Seller must be registered for the Amazon Professional Seller Plan.
Seller must have a pre-fulfill cancel rate less than 2.5%.
Seller must have a order defect rate less than 1%.
Seller must have a late shipment rate less than 4%.
AMZ Ungating is currently a trusted leader in providing third-party category approval and ungating services for sellers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada marketplace. Our goal is client satisfaction with excellent services and relations with each and every project accepted. We are committed to providing both a professional and pleasant work environment, always! In accomplishing this each individual in our company plays an important role by contributing resourceful knowledge, responsibility, flexibility, and innovative ideas towards achieving continued results for our clients. Our trained assistants have the needed skills and knowledge to work through any problem that may arise.
As an Amazon professional seller it is essential you know the rules Amazon imposes on sellers in restricted categories. The categories Amazon requires approval to sell in include: Automotive, Beauty Products, Clothing & Accessories, Dietary Supplements, Fashion Jewelry, Grocery & Gourmet Foods, Health and Personal Care, Luggage & Travel Accessories, Sexual Wellness, Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses, Watches. With the constant changes in Amazon we must stay on top of the ever changing Beast ... Knowledge is power!
In December, 2016 AMZ Ungating began ungating UK based Amazon seller accounts. At this time we currently ungate the categories of: Beauty Products, Clothing, Jewellery, Grocery, Health and Personal Care and Watches. As with the US marketplace the application process is ever-changing as well from month to month.
Near the end of December, 2016 AMZ Ungating started testing and ungating clients in subcategories such as Topical and Dietary Supplements before anyone else offered this as a service. In May, 2017 Amazon made additional changes to its category structure while at the same time dropping the gating requirements for Beauty Products as well as Health and Personal Care months prior. At the same time Amazon created additional subcategory gates that sellers will now need to overcome in order to list their products. Upon seeing this we began researching and was first to introduce a subcategory list by any ungating service. Some of these subcategories include: Baby Activity Gear, Baby Car Seats, Baby Diapering, Baby Feeding, Baby Food & Formula, Baby Strollers & Carriers, Baby Topical, Contraceptives, Feminine Hygiene, Infant Toys, Kids & Baby Furniture, Learning Toys, Medical Devices, OTC Medication, Sports Nutrition, and Toy Building Block. At that time we launched as the first ungating service to assist sellers in subcategory ungatings in May, 2017. If you are needing assistance in one of these subcategories please reach out to us and we will help you today! We are the only ungating service recommended by Amazing Selling Machine mentors!
In May, 2017 AMZ Ungating announced that it would begin assisting Amazon sellers in Canada needing an ungating service. Due to the continual demand and rapid growth in this marketplace it was a much needed service for confused and frustrated sellers. At this time we are officially ungating the most popular Canadian categories of: Automotive Parts & Accessories, Beauty Products, Clothing & Accessories, Grocery & Gourmet Foods, Health and Personal Care, Jewellery, Luggage & Bags, Shoes & Handbags, and Watches. If you have been trying to get approval in these categories we would like to invite you to reach out to us end your frustration starting today!
At this time we currently use PayPal as our online payment processor. Paypal provides excellent purchase protection for both parties involved in any transaction. Please be aware that you DO NOT need a PayPal account to make a payment for our services.
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